MedWrite AI Study Announcement

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 13th Dec 2023 – MedWrite Ltd

MedWrite has engaged with Children’s Health Ireland, Crumlin, to conduct an independent pilot study. The study focuses on evaluating the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing the efficiency, quality, and completion rate of discharge letters in the Emergency Department.  This study engagement comes on the back of MedWrite co-winning the prestigious eHealth Embark 2023 Programme Award early this year.  Led by Professor Michael Barrett, Clinical Professor, School of Medicine, University College Dublin and Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant, Children’s Health Ireland, this concise study is scheduled for completion in early 2024.

 “In this study with MedWrite, we’re focusing on practical improvements in the Emergency Department. Our approach is to carefully evaluate how AI can safely aid in the discharge letter process whilst being efficient and of consistently high quality.” – Prof. Michael Barrett

Sean Kirwan, co-founder and CEO of MedWrite, stated, “Engaging in this study with one of Ireland’s busiest emergency departments is a significant milestone, offering us a chance to test our AI solution in a highly active clinical setting.”

(Left to Right): Back - Michael Miller, Amazon Web Services, Joanna Wardzinski (Judge), Amazon Web Services, Sean Kirwan, MedWrite, Stephen Bonney, Amazon Web Services, Thomas Coleman, Amazon Web Services, Ceara Treacy, dConnect Digital Health Innovation Hub, DkIT, Weili Wang (Judge), Atlantic Bridge, Breanndán Casey, Connected Health & Wellbeing Cluster, DkIT, Front - Marc Butterly (Judge), EIT Health, Dr. Michael Twomey (Judge), Health Innovation

MedWrite Co-Wins Prestigious eHealth Embark 2023 Programme Award

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 23rd May 2023 – MedWrite Ltd, a startup focused on reducing administrative workload for healthcare professionals and enhancing patient care through generative AI software, was awarded joint winner of the renowned eHealth Embark 2023 programme today. MedWrite shares the honour with EpiCapture Ltd., a company dedicated to developing liquid tests for accurate, non-invasive cancer detection and monitoring.

Both startups were selected for their outstanding potential to advance digital health innovation and provide distinctive digital solutions addressing healthcare challenges across global markets. The companies were chosen by an expert panel of judges from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Health Innovation Hub Ireland, EIT Health, and Atlantic Bridge Investments.

As a result of the win, MedWrite will have access to $30,000 in Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits, alongside support from Dundalk Institute of Technology. This award is part of the specialised entrepreneur development programme in which ten companies participated.

Discharge Study in Emergency Medicine


Interviews completed: A big thank you to all the Emergency Medical Professionals who participated in our study.  We’re currently processing the transcripts and will publish the findings in the near future.


Exploring the Future of Discharge Letter Writing with MedWrite AI

When we think of technological advancements in healthcare, our minds often leap to state-of-the-art medical equipment, groundbreaking treatments, or intricate surgical robots. Yet, sometimes, the most impactful innovations address seemingly routine tasks, like drafting discharge letters, which can play a pivotal role in patient care continuity.

Why Focus on Discharge Letters?

Discharge letters act as a crucial bridge between hospital care and primary care. Their accuracy and timeliness are paramount for ensuring that patients continue to receive appropriate care once they leave the hospital. However, with the fast-paced environment of emergency departments, drafting these letters can sometimes become a challenging task for doctors.

Recognising this, we’ve developed a digital solution that seeks to address the nuances and specific challenges associated with this administrative task.

Collaboration with UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science

We’re excited to share that our initiative has gained the collaboration and approval of the UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science. Our research study will look to further understand the current practices and challenges doctors face in this domain.

For this study:

  • Participants: We’re inviting doctors with experience in emergency departments to partake in a 30-minute online session.
  • Structure: The session will encompass an interview segment about current discharge letter practices, followed by a hands-on testing phase with our AI software.
  • Flexibility: Keeping in mind the tight schedules of medical professionals, the session can be undertaken at a convenient time over a span of 4 weeks.
Your Feedback Matters

If you’re a doctor with experience in emergency departments, your insights would be invaluable. This is an opportunity not just to experience a new tool but also to shape its future, ensuring it’s tailored to the real-world challenges and needs of the medical community.