Cut your letter-writing time by over 50%, minimise errors, and enhance patient care

  • Accuracy & Quality Letters have over 90% accuracy
  • Time Efficiency Cut your discharge process time by 50%.
  • Mobile Solution Dictate or type into our App. No PC is needed.
  • MedWrite Connect EMR Integration ready for further automation.
  • Fully Compliant To all relevant GDPR and IT requirements

MedWrite Go

Streamlined Hospital Administration On-the-Go​

In an era where flexibility in healthcare is paramount, MedWrite Go emerges as a beacon for medical professionals. Harness the innovative power of, tailored to fit right in your pocket.

Key Features:
Immediate Letter Creation:

Simply type or dictate a brief patient summary, and watch as MedWrite Go effortlessly converts it into a comprehensive discharge letter.

No Integration Needed:

Addressing a prominent pain point, 91% of professionals cited frustrations with their IT access. MedWrite Go operates seamlessly without any integration hassles.

Voice-to-Text Efficiency:

Swiftly dictate patient details, and let the app transcribe and structure them accurately.

Top-tier Security:

MedWrite Go upholds the highest data privacy standards, ensuring every piece of information remains confidential.

Real-time Sync:

Any updates on the mobile platform are instantly mirrored on the web version, promoting consistent workflow.

Intuitive Design:

With user ease as a priority, the interface ensures straightforward navigation, even amidst hectic schedules.

MedWrite Connect

MedWrite is excellent at summarising large amounts of data from different sources: labs, radiology, patient records etc.

Letters are automatically drafted once the doctor has finished with the patient and can be viewed on the PC or Mobile App.

How to works integrates with hospital systems using secure encryption and access controls. This integration reduces manual input and potential errors, streamlining hospital administration while maintaining data privacy and adhering to healthcare regulations.

Compliance and Data Protection

At MedWrite, we fully embrace the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in our software development process. Our commitment to ‘data protection by design and by default’ ensures that security and privacy are at the core of our software development. 

We accomplish this by implementing a structured framework firmly rooted in the data protection principles outlined in the GDPR and the core concepts of security and privacy by design. This framework incorporates well-established threat modelling methodologies, including STRIDE for security and LINDDUN for privacy, ensuring the safeguarding of fourteen critical security and privacy attributes to protect personal and sensitive data. 

We systematically assess and prioritise security and privacy threats, followed by the deployment of advanced technical controls derived from globally recognised cybersecurity and security standards such as NIST 800-53r5, IEC 62443-3-3, and ISO/IEC 15408-2. Through this rigorous approach, we proactively manage risks, fortify data protection, and maintain compliance with industry-leading standards, ultimately ensuring the security and privacy of your valuable information.